Car Sandblasting

If you need a fast and efficient way to remove the paint from your car along with any rust that may have developed over time, sandblasting is the best way to do this. Sandblasting St. Louis offers car sandblasting services performed by experienced sandblasters.

With their attention to detail, they are able to effectively and safely sandblast the area of your vehicle that you would like have painted. They do this while protecting the areas of your car that need to be protected, such as its frame. Whether it is a modern car or a classic car, every job is performed with meticulous attention to detail.

Sandblasting a car is not as easy as it might look. There are parts are your car that is more sensitive than others and these need to be protected.

Selecting a Media

Using the correct type of media for sandblasting your car is extremely important. Our sandblaster needs to determine exactly where the sandblasting should be applied. Since it is typically the body of the car that is being blasted, this is often the area that requires the most attention. It is also the thinnest material and can easily warp if not protected. This is why applying the right media is so important; to avoid damages to your car. Certain media can be applied to more than one area of your car.

Our experts know which ones will work best due to their experience and qualifications. Regardless of the type of media applied to your car, those areas of your car that are most at risk should always be protected. In addition to ensuring that the correct media is used, the right pressure also needs to be applied when sandblasting your car.

Hiring Qualified Professionals

When you hire a qualified professional for your car sandblasting needs, they will know just how much pressure should be applied so as not to damage any part of your car. When you want to have your car sandblasted, you don’t have to take unnecessary chances when Sandblasting St. Louis is just a phone call away.

When someone in St. Louis contacts us, it isn’t because they are trying to find out if they can rent our sandblasting equipment or purchase materials from us. No, they want us to perform the job for them. This is because when they use a professional sandblaster, they are more likely to get what they are paying us for.

Why Choose Sandblasting St. Louis

We have a team of expertly trained sandblasters who will take their time when addressing your service needs. In order to exceed customer expectations, we realize just how much care and attention we need to give to each job that we are hired to perform.

When you want a good return on your investment, you can get it by turning to us to handle your car sandblasting needs. We are known for being able to restore your old cars to their glory days. Call for guaranteed satisfaction.