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Are you looking for someone to reface a piece of furniture or equipment but you aren’t sure what would be the easiest way to go about doing this? You may want to consider having it sandblasted. Sandblasting St. Louis can provide you with the sandblasting that you would like to have performed. Sandblasting is not as labor-intensive as some of the other methods used today, such as sandpaper. Not only is it less labor-intensive but it is also more efficient.

We have the right type of tools and equipment needed to effectively handle the job of restoring your items. In fact, many of our customers in St. Louis, Missouri are surprised to find out that we can even sandblast their items. They are even more excited to see the items once completed. You don’t have to get rid of anything that we can restore. Just give us a call at Sandblasting St. Louis. We make the old look new again.

About Us

Our sandblasting company in St. Louis began several decades ago. We are a licensed and insured professional sandblasting company. Our aim is to always deliver the highest quality of sandblasting services on time and on budget. We are known for exceeding the expectations of those who rely on us for their service needs.

Our team of sandblasters will be able to meticulously handle any job that you have for them, whether it is industrial or residential sandblasting services.



    With our industrial and residential sandblasting services, we are capable of getting you exactly what you want and need. You may have something sitting around your home that you are trying to have picked up. Rethink that and determine if this is something that can be restored with the help of our qualified sandblasters at Sandblasting St. Louis.

    We have the capability to successfully restore your item to look just as good as it did the day you purchased it.

    Worker is removing paint by air pressure sand blasting

    Dustless Blasting

    The methods that are used by our sandblasters in St. Louis leave your items dust-free. This is because their method limits the amount of dust landing on the items that are being sandblasted. The compound that is used consists of water and an abrasive component that helps remove the remaining coating on the item.

    Dustless blasting is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to restore your items.

    Man with helmet like robot working on a bridge construction

    Soda Blasting

    It may seem practical to some people but very impractical to others to use baking soda to restore your items. However, we assure you that the soda blasting methods have proven very effective in producing the best results possible. With the special equipment that we use for your sandblasting needs, it’s possible for our sandblasters to achieve the results that you are paying them to achieve.

    With our expertly trained sandblasters attending to your needs, you are assured of being able to receive satisfaction.

    “We had some stuff on our house that made it look awful! Sandblasting St. Louis came and sandblasted the outside of our home and was able to repaint the area where the paint was removed. We are happy with the results!” – Richard S.

    Worker surrounded by flying debris sandblasting wooden barrel preparing it for use.

    Industrial Sandblasting

    At Sandblasting St. Louis, we have been able to restore the industrial equipment and products of the businesses in and around the area. This is an aggressive way to change the surface of any items that are being sandblasted.

    With the years of industry experience that our sandblasters have, you can be sure that your object will look the way you want them to look.

    Sandblasting St Louis - Boat Sandblasting 1

    Boat Sandblasting

    When your boat is not functioning properly, you should definitely consider contacting Sandblasting St. Louis to handle the job of sandblasting antifoul from your boat. Antifoul, on the bottom of your boat, will make the hull operate inefficiently.

    Allow our experts to sandblast your boat and you will feel the difference in the way that your boat functions.

    "We wanted to surprise my father by having is classic car restored but we didn’t trust just anyone with his car. That is why we decided to contact Sandblasting St. Louis. They have never disappointed us. They do a fantastic job of restoring old cars. You have to see it to believe it.” – Sandy P.

    Sandblasting St Louis - Residential Sandblasting 1

    Residential Sandblasting

    We also offer residential sandblasting services that enable us to restore some of your homes most cherished possessions, such as your fire pit. Sandblasting makes it easy to remove any coat of paint that is already peeling off. It is an efficient and quick process for displaying a clean surface to work with.

    We use commercial grade sandblasting equipment for the best results.

    Sandblasting St Louis - Car Sandblasting 1

    Car Sandblasting

    Restoring classic vehicles is sort of a hobby for many of our sandblasters. They perform the job with skill and precision so that the results are incredible. With the efforts of or sandblasters, they can completely restore your items like new again. With a new finish, your vehicle will look like new again.

    “Since we have some of our investors stopping by, we wanted to make sure that our equipment looked as good as possible. This is why we entrusted the job of resurfacing our equipment to Sandblasting St. Louis. They always offer us the best job possible for the most reasonable rates. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for sandblasting services.” – Travis P.


    Our experts have received professional training and continue to receive training when new tools and equipment are introduced to the industry. Sandblasting St. Louis does not only offer the best sandblasting results but we also offer fast services. Our professional sandblasters know what they are doing so it will not take them as long to handle the job as it would if you tried to do it yourself.

    We want to hear from you about the items that you wish to have restored. Sandblasting St. Louis is sure to have exactly what you want and need. Why not contact our associates to discuss our services further.